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To all business owners, managers and marketing decision makers…

If Your Business isn’t Doing as Well as You Think It Could…

And, if you want to know how to make more money helping your business grow faster by getting more people to buy more often, at higher prices…

…You have come to the right place!

Be Different


Be Better


Be First


Picture this!

There’s a powerful little thought experiment I often use to help business owners, decision makers and entrepreneurs make smart decisions in a reasonable amount of time. I thought you may find it useful. So here it is.

I’d like you to close your eyes, relax and use your imagination for a few minutes to consider the following.

· Picture a business, which offers a unique – a very Be Different. (for Color) - blend of products and/or services, rather than the same range of offerings as its competitors.

· Picture a business, which dedicates time every week, to the improvement of at least one key area of their operation. Their goal is to become much Be Better. (for Design) at what they do.

· Picture a business, which is the Be First. (for Create) to use the best, most professional, highly effective marketing tools, tactics and strategies, so it quickly attracts more of the best clients or customers – and makes more money. Picture a business, which has a dedicated customer retention program, so it seldom loses a client or customer.


Picture your business. Is it a business that is different, better and first in its marketplace? If it isn’t…

Imagine what would happen if that business moved into your area, targeting your clients and your future clients. Here’s the kicker:

Be Different. Be Better. And…Do it first!

How I work

Your. Marketing. Coach.

A little over a year ago, I left a successful career as an executive marketing coach to complete my lifelong goal of creating and developing a complete marketing system that would be different, be better, and be the first cost - effective marketing system available in the marketplace. I wanted a system I could share with struggling businesses. It is an ongoing project. I have finished most of it. Here is what I have.

One thing I have learned, after over 35 years helping businesses grow faster, that being in business is hard enough, without having to figure out everything on your own. The good news is you don’t have to. I can help you stay on the marketing learning curve and stay focused on the things that matter most to help your business quickly achieve the goals that have been set for it.

My first goal as your marketing coach is to become your trusted advisor and help you avoid the high priced, worthless marketing information available today – the “shiny objects.” The best way I know of to do this is to introduce you to the marketing system I created and developed. I call it …

The Strategy of Supremacy Marketing SystemTM

My clients and I believe it is the most cost-effective, complete and fastest marketing system available on the planet today. It consists of 8 parts – presented in the order they are to be implemented.    I will help you with.

1. YOUR MINDSET I will show you how to best help your prospects fulfill their wants or needs by focusing on the fundamentals. The goal of all businesses is not to just sell, but to help people fulfill their needs and wants.     

2. YOUR MARKET How to find your best customers and clients - who and where they are?

3. YOUR MERCHANDISE You will learn how to create the goods or services that “sell themselves”

4. YOUR MESSAGE How to use the Strategy of Supremacy Marketing System to create sales messages so powerful they not only produce more sales, they also convert your customers into salespeople for your business. I will help you eliminate a lot of “trial and error” by sharing marketing tools, tactics and strategies that I have used and seen work by working with other small and medium-sized businesses like yours. 

5. YOUR MEDIA Traditional and Digital – a balanced attack for a great marketing ROI!

6. YOUR MONEY How to create an effective pricing structure, profit that sells.

7. YOUR METRICS How and what to test for performance and credibility.

8. YOUR CONCLUSION I will show you how to reach the goals that have been set for your business. We will develop long term marketing plans that will help your business grow quickly and help you make more money faster. Having a marketing coach is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity to achieve maximum success in business. 

Case Study

A few years ago, J. B. Billi contacted me to help him get a much better return on his considerable marketing investment. He had tried a lot of ad agencies – and others – in the past and never felt satisfied with the results.

After 12 months, I was able to help him add almost $1M to his bottom line. He was able to sell more products to more people more often. And, his customers were referring their friends to him.

My clients tell my story much better than I can!  Below is the actual letter.

"Hi Al:

I would just like to thank you for introducing me to your Strategy of Supremacy Marketing System. It helped me increase my sales almost $1million for this year - much faster and much less expensively than I had predicted.  You took over my marketing and my attempts to do it myself. Here are some of your ideas that have really helped my ads work better and increase my sales. You:

1. Eliminated all of my magazine ads that weren’t producing many sales, and replaced them with a very effective direct mail campaign.

2.  Increased the effectiveness of my newspaper ads by changing the headline and adding better copy. You even showed me how I could get better results with what you called a “page dominator” ad instead of the two page ad I was using.

3.  Wrote some great radio scripts and put them on the best radio stations.

4.  Created some magnetic signs to hang on the items in my store I want customers to focus on.                         

5.   Created caricatures of my brother Joey and me to add a little humor to the sales process.

6.   Created a very memorable jingle - emphasizing our great customer service.  

7.   Created a great “tag line”.

8.   Helped us put our sales message on our windows where people driving past could see it.

9.   Told us to put our names on our shirts so people would know and remember who they were talking to. 

10. Wrote some great copy for our previous website. We expect the same great results with your help on our new one. With your help, I am looking forward to even better results next year - especially with the new store. 

Thanks again, Al.

Get the professional help and support you need from Your Marketing Coach to help you scale and grow your small business.

The Final Word - Unless you would like to learn more. Let me know.


The Strategy of Supremacy Marketing System is based on the ability of a business to be different, and better, than its competition - and to do it first. This business is now able use powerful, effective ad content to capture its marketplace, become a monopoly and make boatloads of money - with no competition.


Add: Get the professional help, etc….and change the last 3 lines to read…


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Thanks for visiting. I hope this was helpful, or at least interesting.

Yours for success, Al “2.0” Castle